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Remote IRS Tax Settlement

Are you having trouble with your tax debt? Getting stressed out with the constant barrage of calls from the IRS regarding your payments? Does the agency intend to garnish your wages or take your properties as a levy? If yes, call one of our Remote IRS tax settlement experts at Defense Tax Partners!

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Our brilliant and experienced legal team will assess your tax debt or financial situation, determine ways on how you can pay off your tax liabilities, and negotiate with the IRS to approve your request for a different tax payment scheme. Thanks to our experience working with the IRS, we will be able to prevent the agency from pressuring you as we try to get your tax debt more manageable.

Aside from helping you settle your taxes with the IRS, Defense Tax Partners can also help you understand your finances and help you prevent further troubles with the IRS in the future. We also personalize our services to suit your situation, and it is also very affordable.

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Settling Tax Debts

If you think you will have problems resolving your taxes or have been late in your payments, you should act immediately to prevent the fines, interest, and any legal penalties from piling up and making it difficult to resolve on your own.

irs attorneyThe first course of action that you should take if you believe you will have tax liabilities is to pay them as soon as possible. But, if you don’t have the funds to pay them completely, there are options available to make your tax payments more manageable.

Our Remote IRS tax settlement team can help you apply to the right tax debt relief programs that can help you settle your tax debt with the IRS. We will explain each program and explain why it is the best for your situation.

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

The “currently not collectible” status is available to taxpayers who are earning a minimum income enough for their regular necessities and don’t have any properties the IRS can levy as a tax payment. It is also available for those who can’t pay their taxes due to unforeseen circumstances but will be able to do so at a later time.

If the IRS sees that your financial situation falls under this status, they will not collect your tax debt for a year or until you can pay your debt back. However, it is important to note that even though they will not collect your tax debt for a certain period, you will still incur interest and penalties while under this status.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Although bankruptcy can be a major blow to your credit history and financial ventures, you can use it as a way to get rid of your tax debt.

If you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to eliminate all or a large portion of your debt. Meanwhile, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you negotiate a repayment plan that will help you pay off your reduced tax debt. The repayment plan may take up to 6 years, which can help you manage your finances.

Innocent Spouse Claim

Normally, you will be held liable for your spouse or ex-spouse tax debt if you filed a joint tax with them. However, if you wish to be freed from this situation, you can file for an innocent spouse claim. You must prove to the IRS that you have nothing to do with your spouse or ex-spouse’s errors or tax liabilities.

Defense Tax Partners can also help you file other options similar to the innocent spouse claim, such as equitable tax relief and separation of liability relief. We will help you determine the right option for you so you can file your taxes without worries, even if you file them together with your spouse.

Installment Agreement (with Partial Payment Plans)

The installment agreement option is the most common tax relief option that you can avail yourself of from the IRS, as well as the best option to pick if you wish to have an easy time paying off your tax debt. We can help you negotiate with the IRS to lower the amount you need to pay, as well as the penalties and fees that will be added to the total amount you need to pay.

We will also help you arrange your finances in such a way you will be able to pay your debts under the plan without any problems, like delays.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

If you wish to resolve your debt with the IRS with the money you have, not the entire amount, you can opt for the “offer-in-compromise” program. Under this program, you must be someone who has no and will not have any capability to pay off your tax debt in the future, even if it will be through installment or property levies.

The IRS will look into various factors to determine if you qualify under this program. In some cases, the IRS may set the compromise amount, which is roughly 20% of the total tax debt. We can help you build your case with the IRS and negotiate their approval.

Statute of Limitations

Once the IRS starts collecting your tax debt, they only have ten years to collect your tax liabilities. After ten years, they are barred from continuing any tax collection from you to get you to pay your tax debt. However, there are certain exemptions to this law that you will need to be aware of if you plan to use the statute in your defense. Defense Tax Partners can check your financial situation and see if you qualify under the statute.

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How Our IRS Tax Settlement Lawyers can Help You

Whether you are having trouble fixing your taxes or dealing with the IRS because of your tax debt, our Remote IRS tax settlement team at Defense Tax Partners is ready to help you.

Tax Attorneys

Since we have opened our doors to taxpayers who need legal advice and assistance, we have assisted thousands of satisfied clients with our personalized tax legal service and top-notch customer service. We can also work with the IRS or the Remote Department of Revenue for your tax issues and help you achieve a debt-free financial life.

Aside from tax settlement, we can also assist you with the following:

  1. Tax Preparation
  2. Audit Representation
  3. Tax Resolution
  4. Tax Lien Removal
  5. Passport Reinstatement
  6. Penalty Abatement
  7. Wage Garnishment Removal
  8. Bank Levy Removal

With Defense Tax Partners, you don’t have to worry about getting it resolved no matter how complex your tax problems are. We will do our best to get them resolved efficiently and guide you through the steps to understand the situation better.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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The IRS can be daunting to deal with, but if you have legal support, it will be easy to handle and resolve.

If you find yourself in need of legal help with your taxes and dealing with the IRS, Defense Tax Partners is here for you. We will make it easier for you to acquire tax debt relief programs from the IRS and help you achieve a debt-free life after getting your current debts paid.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (971) 306-4505 for your Free Consultation with an Remote IRS Tax Settlement lawyer!